Dress Code

Dress Code for Dancers

Our students follow a dress code that ensures a professional relationship with their learning and a mindset of discipline. This guide allows our school to run smoothly through levels and aids in our costuming during stage time.

Wee Dance & Creative Movement classes:

Creative Movement and Wee Dance students should wear comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely such as leotards and tights of any color, shorts, and t-shirts, or other light exercise apparel. Bare feet are preferred for optimal child development; however, if needed, socks or ballet slippers may be worn. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clean and in good condition – no rips, tears, or stains allowed!

Ballet classes

In addition to appropriate clothing items, all students must also keep their hair neatly pulled back away from their faces so as not to obstruct their vision or interfere with the teacher’s instruction. Accessories such as jewelry should be kept minimal for safety reasons during class time. We kindly ask parents to ensure their children come dressed appropriately each week so they can make the most out of their class time!

  • Pre Ballet

    Any ballet pink leotard found at Target, Walmart or at the above links. Please no added graphics or skirt/attached tutus. Flesh tone or pink tights and canvas or leather ballet slippers.

  • Ballet I

    Lavender Capezio High Neck Tank Style # CC201C

  • Level II

    Navy Capezio High Neck Tank Style #CC201C

  • Level III

    Burgundy Capezio High Neck Tank Style: CC201C

  • Level IB

    a white alignment belt will be added to level I student’s attire to differentiate them from first year level 1 or level IA students.

  • Tights

    Pink or flesh tone tights.

  • Shoes

    Canvas/leather shoes. Please no bedroom slippers ;). Amazon, surprisingly, has a great selection!

Beginning in Level I, please secure bangs and hair out of the face. Please follow this tutorial for ballet bun help!

Adult classes

For adult classes, we recommend that you wear form-fitting, comfortable clothes like leggings or yoga pants with a fitted tank top or t-shirt. Shoes are not required. Feel welcome to bring your yoga mat and water bottle.

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